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Welcome to CatsStats!

On this page, we will explain how to interpret and understand the graphic we have created for the Davidson College jumbotron. This explanation requires two different levels:

  1. How to interpret the graphic we created.
  2. Why we chose to include the statistics we did.

Section 1: The Graphic

The graphic you have seen likely looks something like this:


In order to understand this graphic, we are going to create two hypothetical teams and use more widely understood statistics. First let’s look at how our teams are ranked nationally in different categories (with 100 total teams):

 Team  Points   FG%   Defensive – Points   Defensive – FG% 
Wildcats #1 #1 #80 #90
Bulldogs #50 #50 #50 #50

A quick visual analysis shows us that the Wildcats have the best offensive in the country, but one of the worst defenses in the country; meanwhile, the Bulldogs are a balanced team and rank as the #50 school in every category. Let’s examine how this would look using our visualization technique and understand a few takeaways.


  • The lopsided Wildcats’ shape shows the imbalance between offense and defense.
  • The Bulldogs intercept each line halfway from the outside since they are in the 50th percentile of each statistic.
  • The better team for each statistic is closer to the outside of the circle.


Lastly, a few things to notice. If a team was the best in every category, they would hit each axis at the outside of the circle. A team who ranked last in every category would simply be a dot in the center. For any given statistic, the team closer to the outside is better and finally, symmetry shows a balance between offense and defense.

Section 2: The Statistics

A more detailed explanation will be coming soon, but to understand the statistics we point you to this article: http://kenpom.com/blog/four-factors/