• Introducing Adjusted Plus-Minus to Professional Ultimate
  • An Analytical Approach to Player Comparisons: Andrew Wiggins
  • The Happenings at Home
  • Steph Curry: Then and Now
  • Exceeding Expectations

Introducing Adjusted Plus-Minus to Professional Ultimate

Invented in the late 1960’s as a free-spirit alternative to the classic organized sports, Ultimate Frisbee has always faced the stigma of being for “hippies.” The formation of the Ultimate Players Association (UPA) in 1979, was the first step towards legitimacy for the fledgling sport, as the UPA worked to standardize rules and host sanctioned tournaments. In 2010, the UPA re-branded itself as USA Ultimate and ushered in a new…


An Analytical Approach to Player Comparisons: Andrew Wiggins

As with most high-profile NBA rookies, this is the time of year for career projections and comparisons to former NBA greats. Even more so for the recently turned 20-year old heralded as the draft pick with the most potential in recent NBA drafts, Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins arguably had the most hype coming out of high school since LeBron James. The difference between the two, is that Wiggins was required to…


The Happenings at Home

Davidson’s move to the Atlantic 10 has garnered much attention from the media and the general basketball community. After all, the men’s basketball team is moving from a conference with an RPI of 15 to a conference with an RPI of 7. Everyone was interested in how the ‘Cats were going to do in their first season in the A-10. The preseason polls predicted Davidson to come in 12th place,…


Steph Curry: Then and Now

Since I chose to come to Davidson I have found myself having the same interaction time and time again, “Davidson, it’s a small liberal arts college in North Carolina.” [Blank stare] “Do you follow basketball? Steph Curry went there.” Everything  clicks in their mind, and we can move on with the conversation. Steph’s success both in the NCAA tournament and now in the NBA, has vaulted Davidson and Davidson basketball…


Exceeding Expectations

The Davidson Men’s Basketball team entered the A-10 this year projected 12th out of 14. Some even guessed they would not win a game. The ‘Cats, however, leave the regular season on top, finishing 1st in their new conference. The path of the regular season champions was not an easy one, yet with Bob McKillop at the helm, Davidson has surprised everyone except the most faithful fans. Davidson enters the…